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Urban Dance Awards 2019: Bringing Urban Beats to Life
A first-of-its-kind event ignites Portugal's urban dance scene.

About the project

Urban Dance Awards 2019 was the first edition of an event build to recognize Portuguese dancers, choreographers, and artists who promoted the urban dances around the globe. 
The Event:
In 2019, Jazzy Dance Studios and Portuguese Association of Hip Hop Dance Crews (APHHDC) teamed up to launch the Urban Dance Awards, a vibrant celebration of Portugal's rising stars in hip hop, house, popping, and beyond. Held at the Odivelas multi-purpose pavilion, the event awarded 24 prizes, 16 open to public vote, recognising both professional dancers and budding talents.

My Role: Orchestrating Design & UX for a High-Flying Debut
As the lead graphic & UX/UI designer, I wore many hats, from shaping the brand identity to building the online world of the awards. My key challenges:

Branding & Visuals: Crafting a captivating identity that conveyed the event's youthful energy, urban edge, and awards show elegance. This visual language flowed across all digital and physical materials, from the website to trophies.
Website & Voting System: Building a brand-new website in just five days! From user flow to wireframes and visual design, I created a seamless experience for both browsing information and casting votes.
Social Media Management: Amplifying the buzz through engaging social media content, keeping the excitement alive before, during, and after the event.

design process


User Research Competitor analysis Persona Creation


Branding, User Flow, Gathering Requirements, Job Stories


Brainstorm, sketches


Mid-fidelity Wireframes, High-Fidelity Wireframes


Test internally and externally

Go Live

Add testing insights to designs and go live

Description of step6

Understanding the users - personas

Since this is an event to recognise dancers, choreographers and arts focused on the urban dances we already knew that they were our focus user. However, the event was also opened to general public and was going to be Live streamed. This made us realize we had more personas to add to our list of users. Understanding their needs and motivations guided every design decision.
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Dancers, Artists, Choreographers
Nominees for the awards
These passionate individuals, aged 12-40, lived and breathed urban dance. They craved recognition and a platform to showcase their talent, both nationally and internationally.
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Urban Dance Enthusiasts 
from 12 to 55 years old
This broader audience included fans, students, and supporters who loved the energy and community spirit of urban dance.

From Inspiration to Execution: A Visual Identity Takes Flight

MTV's bold award shows like "MIAW" and "EMAs" and Brazil's "Multishow Awards" sparked our initial inspiration. We then translated these influences into a unique visual identity for the Urban Dance Awards:

  • Young & Modern: A fresh, dynamic look that resonated with the youthful energy of the dance scene.
  • Urban Edge: Bold colors, dynamic typography, and graphic elements captured the raw street style of urban dance.
  • Awards Show Elegance: A touch of sophistication balanced the urban edge, ensuring the event felt prestigious and celebratory.

The final visual identity received enthusiastic approval from the Urban Dance Awards board, seamlessly weaving into every aspect of the event.
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Building the Bridge: User Flow & Wireframes

With time ticking, I created a simple user flow to map out the website's structure and voting system. Then, wireframes quickly took shape, defining the layout and functionality of key pages. These blueprints paved the way for the final visual design.
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The Grand Finale: Visual Design & Website Launch

With just four days left, the pressure was on! Yet, we managed to craft a stunning visual design that perfectly embodied the event's identity. Each page, from the homepage to the voting platform, pulsated with vibrant energy and user-friendly navigation.
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More Than Just an Event: A Legacy Begins

The Urban Dance Awards were more than just a ceremony; they were a milestone for Portugal's urban dance scene. By combining strategic design, a deep understanding of the audience, and relentless passion, we helped create a platform that continues to celebrate and empower dancers to this day.


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