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UX/Ui Design
Website designed in partnership with Tutu Menezes for the pattern designer Gisela Pecego. Developed in Wordpress. 

About the project

Gisela Pecego is a pattern designer for fashion. She needed a fun, interactive online portfolio. 

Gisela is a well-known print designer in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Recognized for doing unusual, fun, and unique works, the designer provides services to several Brazilian brands. Gisela needed a website that showed her work in a different, interactive, and creative way, that showed her talent and characteristics.

My role:
I could work in partnership with Tutu Menezes as UX/UI designer, I was involved in all phases of the project, from mapping out the problem to delivering final designs. 

  • Sketch
  • Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Wordpress

design process


User flow, Gathering requirements, Job Stories


Brainstorm, sketches


Mid-fidelity wireframes, High-fidelity wireframes


Usability test


In this project we started on the definition process, jumping the empathy with the user stage. That happened due to the fact that Gisela did not want to design the website for clients, she already knew what she wanted and asked us to do. 
  • The website should show her works in a fluid way
  • The homepage should be interactive, with some interaction surprises for the user. 
  • Showcase patterns all around the webpage

User Flow

I've created a user flow diagram to map every step of the user interaction required to achieve the needs of Gisela
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After defining the overall structure we tarted the sketch of the mid-fidelity wireframes for mobile and desktop. This step I was able to clearly define a clear visual hierarchy defining all necessary UI elements, something very important for Gisela.
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Visual Design

After a few more iterations, I designed the final screens with Sketch and develop the design in WordPress. My main goal was to design something light, interactive and modern, that help users identify quickly how Lifepro work could help the athletes. 
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What I have learned from this project

I really enjoyed working on this pet project. Besides being a simple webpage building it for the specific personas gave me crucial insights that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. There are still some pages to evolve in another step of this website.