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ADAGIO - Dance Wear
ADAGIO was a final undergraduate project university project made for Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, under the guidance of Professor Nair de Paula Soares and a board composed by Irene Peixoto, Jofre Silva, and Heloisa de Paula Soares.

From the analysis of some aspects of dance such as body expression and art in movement, a study was made of the geometry intrinsic to its basic movements. This research had its support in the studies of Rudolf Laban, where points and lines delimited by the dancing body are recognized, configuring geometry figures in the scenographic space.

In parallel to these findings, the history of dance and its clothing were analyzed based on the evolution and development of Ballet. Market research of clothes for dance classes was also made, aimed at the adult audience. Thanks to researches, it was detected that there are no great options adult dancing clothes in the actual market.

Based on this observation, it was proposed to create a new brand, aimed at the niche in question called Adagio. The launch of this brand has as the main vehicle of communication the edition of a concept catalog, where the geometry theme is explored (both in the presentation of as in photographic production).
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