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UX/Ui Design
Transforming the employee lifecycle in a UK government department

About the project

Through service design and product design, we reinvented the way colleagues complete their joiners, movers and leavers duties using a single personalized view for their journey at the government department. These 3 processes essentially make up the end-to-end lifecycle of an employee and are therefore crucial for ensuring a positive experience from both an employee & business perspective. 

We transformed the experience of the government department colleagues on their journey by developing a standardized digital place that is simple, easy to use, secure and personalized. 

The brief

With over 120.000 collaborators across the UK responsible for serving more than 20 million citizens, we had the goal to release and improve a product that will be used by all digital employees by providing them with online self-service tools.

A research was made with more than 800 colleagues from over 25 business areas that discovered the main friction points:
  • Poor understanding of the employee experience
  • manual, inconsistent and repetitive line manager processes with no clear guidance 
  • Siloed HR and IT systems with duplication of information
  • complex and time-consuming processes 
  • no single view of user compliance, access, and mandatory training

Problem statement

As a user I find joiners, movers, and leavers supporting systems and processes complicated, time-consuming, and hard to use. I feel demotivated, unprepared, and unsupported in my role.
New Joiners are often let down by delays to receive their equipment and appropriate induction plans.
Movers and Leavers are often unclear about what is required and are unable to complete their relevant actions.

What we did

It was an 18-month commitment from the start of the initial research until the digital product was live. I was involved in being part of the UX/UI team as a Designer lead after the first 5 months of discovery and user interviews. 

I was involved with the business analysts mapping the stakeholder's dependencies, systems integration, processes, and final users' diverse set of needs. Supported user research and journey mapping with internal stakeholders and end users to define project requirements and metrics and build a picture of user needs and goals. By collating all interview and research data we designed the new target experience map, project roadmap, and blueprint.

I was in charge of creating feasible design solutions by defining a new Look and Feel for the product such as designing all product screens that will meet stakeholders and user needs, translating the design concepts into interactive prototype solutions for user testing, and validating the general direction and key aspects such as look and feel, flow, interaction patterns, and components. Also, I was responsible for delivering a new design system to Increase efficiency and consistency at the product scale.

Supported user testing interviews with prototype designs, and worked in collaboration with developers during the development of all pages and functionalities designed to make sure the final product achieves the expectations of the final users and stakeholders.

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UX/UI goals and challenges

Core activities: 
  • Support the user research and journey mapping with internal stakeholders and end users to define project requirements and metrics and build the picture of user needs and goals. 
  • Generate feasible design solutions by defining a new Visual Design of all product screens that will meet stakeholders and user needs. 
  • Translate the design concepts to prototype solutions for user testing and validate the general direction and key aspects such as look and feel, flow, interaction patterns and components. 
  • Build and launch the platform by collaborating with the development team and measure the results once launched.
  • +200 screens designed
  • 8 interactive prototypes
  • New design system

  • Decrease change resistance
  • Reduce number of incidents raised
  • Easy to bring to life the design to stakeholders 
  • Make information more findable
  • Create consistent experiences across the different platforms
  • Detect inefficient solutions and prevent implementation
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  • Connecting information architecture to the visual aspects of the design by showing pathways between the various pages​
  • Map out the functionalities ​
  • Prioritize content by helping reveal space constraints and designing the hierarchy of elements on the page.​
  • Help gather feedback from users and stakeholders on the platform’s navigation and allocation of elements on the pages.
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Improvements achieved

Business outcomes: 
  • Enhance employee on-boarding experience and workforce productivity
  • Time savings for end-users
  • Quicker and automated onboarding with better tracking and access compliance
  • Security & Compliance Improvements, including against mandatory standards
UX outcomes: 
  • Better engaged new joiners and line managers 
  • Use employee experience measurements to identify strategic priorities 
  • Early capture of negative experience to inform change initiatives. 
  • Reduced pressure on line managers to support new joiners once they complete their training 
  • Improved consistency of experience across new joiners 

User research post go live

​​Following the release of the product MVP in March 2022, we conducted a piece of user research to better understand the end-user experience and the overall satisfaction so far. Overall, the response to the product has been very positive. Users generally find it easy to use and a helpful source of guidance, yet there are some key areas of improvement that would enhance the user experience further
  • 80% was the average satisfaction score overall 
  • 86% of users interviewed would recommend the product to other colleagues 
  • 71% of users interviewed agreed or strongly agreed that the navigation was simple and intuitive
“It was all in one place - links to get new kit, reminders to get passes and speak to them. It made life a lot easier”
“It was a very good well together site, I was very impressed to know that it was released only in March”
“It does not feel it was something that was put together in March, it was all very easy”
“Normally, there is not much follow-up when you give feedback, but it is clear that you all want it to be a successful onboarding experience and that you all want to make it better.”
“It was really useful. Without it, I would have relied a lot more on business support to help me”