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UX/Ui Design
Exclusive career management solutions for professionals football athletes

About the project

Lifepro is a company that offers exclusive management solutions career for professionals football athletes.
Many soccer athletes are starting their careers or are already in big soccer clubs. The more recognized they are for their work, the more responsibilities arise for these players, which makes them look for a company to help guide their careers. Lifepro needed a website that could establish a relationship of trust, exclusivity, and transparency between the player and the company, and show the potential customer that the company can be counted on at all stages of their career.

My role:
As the main UX/UI designer, I was involved in all phases of the project, from mapping out the problem to delivering final designs. 

  • Sketch
  • Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Wordpress

design process


User Research Competitor analysis Persona Creation


User Flow, Gathering Requirements, Job Stories


Brainstorm, sketches


Mid-fidelity Wireframes, High-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Test

Understanding the users - personas

By the beginning of the project, Lifepro told me that they are focused on professional football athletes in all stages of their careers who are looking for some guidance and help during this complex process. Besides that, a Football career can start very early so children and teenagers, who are starting to show off talents, have concerned parents who also need Lifepro services. With this information, I realized that the company had 2 main personas, both adults but with some background differences.
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45 years old, pharmaceutical. Married with 2 kids. 
Her oldest son has 15 years old and is starting his football career by being on a professional team sub16. He already has some proposals to move forward with his career as soon as he finishes high school. Emma is concerned about how she would manage her son's career since she has no idea how professional football works.  She needs a trusted company to help her and son to make the best decisions for his career and manage it in the best way, so he can have a safe professional journey. She is looking for professional support 
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22 years old, professional football player
Recently hired to play for a big famous team His football career is getting off and he needs help for managing his career. Need help with business contracts With the many responsibilities, he has no idea how he would manage them all by himself. He is starting to receive more money for the club and also for campaigns and adds. He doesn`t know how to manage it His family is overwhelmed and concerned about him taking many responsibilities. Need help to build his professional marketing


After developing the personas, helped me to understand the physical, environmental and emotional state of the user. This process has significantly influenced the development of important design and content decisions:
  • The website is the first contact with the possible client and the company
  • All website should transmit professionalism and exclusive personalized services
  • Showcase current clients, in all career phases, Lifepro can help Information should be simple, with fast and easy understanding
  • The conversion will be a contact email or call to schedule a meeting

User Flow

I've created a user flow diagram to map every step of the user interaction required to achieve the main goal of this website: contact to schedule a meeting. 
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After defining the overall structure, it was time to pull out the pencil. I sketched the low-fidelity wireframes for mobile and desktop. This step I was able to clearly define the basic features and main user journey and helped me to build a clear visual hierarchy defining all necessary UI elements.
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Visual Design

After a few more iterations, I designed the final screens with Sketch. I conducted A/B testings during the process to define the design pattern, elements and colours following the branding already defined by Lifepro. My main goal was to design something elegant, modern, that help users identify quickly how Lifepro work could help the athletes. 
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What I have learned from this project

I really enjoyed working on this pet project. Besides being a simple webpage building it for the specific personas gave me crucial insights that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. There are still some pages to evolve in another step of this website.