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UX/Ui Design 
Academia Life Club

About the project

Academia Life Club is a renowned gym located in Santos, Lisbon. Our team had the challenge to design and develop a new website that could display all the unique spaces and exclusive classes and services the gym offers. 

The Brand:
Academia Life Clube architecture was designed in an open space format with a privileged view of the Tejo River with a large outdoor area for classes and exercises, factors that make this gym different and unique in Lisbon.

The Problem:
Despite receiving clients recognized by the media and fitness, Academia Life Club had a problem, a website with a poor structure, poor design, little information and images of the gym, bad experience, and user interaction. In addition, it did not transmit the great space of the place, did not inform about the exclusive services they provide, nor was it possible to know the pricing and perform the online registration. 
It was registered by the commercial sector several complaints from clients about the difficulty in viewing the schedules of the Academy's group classes. The same employees declared that they receive many emails from potential customers questioning information that was not found on the website, such as prices, monthly fees, and extra services.

My role:
I was involved in all phases of the project, from mapping out the problem to delivering the final website. The challenges assumed by me were mainly
  • Traffic research
  • Keywords, SEO, research
  • Customer research
  • Define real problems and create strategies to solve
  • Market research
  • UX writing and SEO text optimization
  • User Flow based on customers needs
  • Low-fi and High-fi Wireframes 
  • Business Plan

  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Invision
  • Wordpress

design process


Interviews, User Research, Traffic Origin Research, Competitor analysis, Persona Creation


Project timeline, User Journey , Gathering Requirements,


Brainstorm, Keyword Research and definition, SEO text Optimization, Structure plan,


Mid-fidelity Wireframes, High-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Test

Traffic Origin Analysis

With Ubersuggest data as analysis results, the Academia Life Club website had, before the new website, monthly average access of 630 organic visitors per month, of which 421 access the Home Page, 64 classes, and 3 Contact. In addition, the page received a Domain Score score of 24, on a scale of 1 to 100, and a presence of 193 search keywords on google that take users to the page. The graph can be analyzed in the following image.

In comparative terms, analyzes were made of websites from other gyms in Lisbon where could be noticed a big number of researches and access for pricing pages, something that didn't exist in Academia Website. 
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Understanding the needs

With all this data and information, it was concluded that to guarantee new customers,  Academia needed a new website that showed, quickly and easily its facilities, open space, equipment and external training area. Not only that, but it was also proposed to insert a registration online, so the user would have the possibility to register online.

To understand even more the needs, interviews were made with the commercial area, trainers and clients of the gym. In this case, all the problems were confirmed and we could start defining the goals of our project.

Defining the goals

• Layout and communication should be elegant, aiming for clients that seek exclusivity, tranquility, and quality
• New class schedules in a digital and interactive format
•Images, videos and texts to illustrate and explain the training classes
• Unique pages for the exclusive services
• Online registration, with direct payment by credit card, MBWAY or ATM.
• SEO optimized to increase access
•Google Analytics and Google Search Console to save data for marketing strategies

Timeline for project management

Based on the analysis of the current site and for better organization of the project, a timeline was made specifying the actions for the construction of the new site.
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Personas and Journey Maps

2 main personas were defined for the project and their respective journey maps to understand the path made inside the site. In addition, some strategies were created to solve the needs of each one, reaching the stage of Ideation.
Persona 1: Client
This person knows well the gym's facilities, attends some of the group classes, uses the equipment, and knows some of the trainers.
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  1. Search class timetable and group classes. This information must be accessible quickly and efficiently, especially for mobile phones as it is something that can be searched daily.
  2. Find and understand the extra services that the gym offers, paid separately such as Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Electro Stimulation, Studio Pilates, Adaptation, and SPA.
  3. Search gym opening hours and contacts
  4. Search commercial campaigns and next fitness events.
Persona 2: Non Client
This person does not know about this gym, found the website on Google, seen the gym on the street wile was passing through or heard about Academia from friends. This persona seeks more information about many different types. The website is the first actual contact between this person and the gym.
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  1. Wants to find the exact location of the gym
  2. Seeks to know more about the physical space. Given that the user never visited the gym, wants to know more about the facilities virtually
  3. Look for group classes and timetable to see if the schedules fit on their routine
  4. Wants to know how much costs to be a member of the Academia
  5. Might want to book a visit and train for 1 day
  6. Enroll the gym online
  7. Search gym opening hours and contacts


With the interview, personas and researches being made we could conclude that our audience is made of people looking for a healthier lifestyle, exercises, relax, meet new people and having fun. In addition, there are still people looking for specific classes like fights, outdoor training and pilates with equipment, factors that are not easily found in gyms, but in schools and studios specific to these modalities.

Using the tools Ubersuggest, Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner and, also, analyzing the competitor's websites, we built optimized texts strategically wrote for great SEO and better User Experience. 


First, the static layout of all the pages of the website was made, using the Sketch software and then developed using Wordpress. 
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